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We Provide Advanced Parylene Coating Solutions!


Global Advanced Technologies, LLC (GAT) has been driven by a market demand for customized coating solutions.

GAT offers coating services for most parylene films including C, N, D, VT-4 (F), and AF4.

With years of experience, GAT has developed coatings for a variety of market sectors ranging from medical to commercial use. We deliver advanced performance, enabling opportunities for breaking into new markets.

We also design and manufacture parylene CVD deposition equipment with installation, maintenance, training, and process development services.

GAT is partnering with a select group of Parylene equipment vendors to leverage GAT Parylene technologies and develop the next generation of Parylene coating equipment. In addition, the equipment vendors will be able to leverage some of GAT’s advanced material and process technologies to support and expand their existing customer base.


GAT Coatech, Inc. (GATC), a subsidiary of Global Advanced Technologies, LLC (GAT), moved into an additional R&D and production facility with a Class 10 clean room in Livermore, CA on April 1, 2018. We will start building customized Parylene coating CVD machines and provide conformal coating services in our new facility. (Mar.30, 2018)

GAT is pleased to announce a technical achievement for ViaMEMS Technologies, Inc. when coating on 150mm diameter silicon wafers with very thin thickness. The test results demonstrated uniformity better than +/- 2% within a wafer and from wafer to wafer. (Mar.30, 2018)

GAT Coatech, Inc. (GATC), a subsidiary of Global Advanced Technologies (GAT), is glad to announce that Austrom International Enterprise,Canada and its subsidiary company Guangzhou Austrom Polymer Technology Limited become the exclusive authorized business partners in China for year 2018. (March, 2018)

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