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GAT Technologies

At Global Advanced Technologies LLC, (GAT), we provide advanced parylene and other vapor deposited coating technologies for applications in existing and emerging markets. We developed high-performance thin films for semiconductor and display industries that require exceptional level of process and quality control. We contributed to new generations of parylene technologies, including in the high-end fluorinated parylenes, and our achievements are recognized industry-wide. Our proprietary expertise in material, process, and equipment technologies allows us to bring some of the highest quality thin and ultra-thin conformal coatings to our customers.

These technologies provide device protection against harsh environments and enhanced reliability, quality, and extended lifetimes. They are key enablers in several emerging technologies including sensors, flexible electronics, semiconductors, displays, MEMS, Bio-MEMS, and medical implantable / diagnostic devices.

GAT is a “Solutions Provider”. Customer requirements and challenges are unique and so are our tailored solutions. With our proprietary expertise in different materials and deposition technologies – including CVD, PVD, ALD, and liquid chemistries, we offer the most appropriate and cost-effective coating solution. In many cases, we offer solutions that involve a combination of multiple materials and deposition processes. In all cases, our solutions incorporate a viable path to volume manufacturing.

GAT is all about technology – in addition to our current product offerings, we work on several patent-pending technologies that include – new materials, processes, deposition equipment, and applications development. Our development effort in new materials is targeted towards ultra-thin coatings with superior physical, chemical, and barrier properties compared to the conventional parylene coatings. Our unique equipment design optimizes material utilization, gives better control on process parameters, and results in improved coating performance at lower production costs.

GAT is engaged with several strategic partners to work on novel applications of vapor deposited coatings. From protecting consumer electronics against water damage (IP-X7, IP-X8 standards) to material solutions for sensors including MEMS, bio-sensors, we are addressing the requirements of several emerging technologies. Contact us to learn more about our R&D efforts, applications development, and technology roadmap.

We are your Technology Partner!