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The electronics industry covers the widest selection and diversity of products, often overlapping with other industry specialties and categories such as Aviation, Automotive, Military/Defense, and even Medical. Electronic assemblies and components are found in each. No matter the classification, the manufactures typically have one or more of the same goals in mind:

  • State of the art protection for their products
  • Improved functionality and reliability
  • Extended life, even under the harshest conditions

Conformal coatings, not just with Parylene, are a necessity in this domain. Humidity, corrosion, electrical insulation, salt spray or chemical contamination are just a few of the challenges to advanced electronics. The industry trend toward sophisticated barrier films is driven by:

  • Globally, PCB and other electronics and assemblies are increasingly miniaturized. Smaller, more sensitive parts require robust protective coatings.
  • Manufacturers everywhere are adopting flexible circuit technology – these also need enhanced packaging and protection.
  • Dense placement of circuitry and components on today’s PCB’s calls for sophisticated, high performance coatings with superior electrical/insulating properties.
  • Higher levels of technical complexity in electronics drives up their value. Barrier coatings designed to protect and extend field life are justified.
  • New developments and innovations in miniature electronics such as sensors, MEMS devices and other state of the art electronics drive the trend toward advanced coating solutions.
  • Consumers demand superior performance from increasingly sophisticated high-tech electronics. They ask for products that survive the most demanding challenges – from waterproofing to corrosion resistance.