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Most sensitive electronic components are susceptible to the typical challenges: solvents, water, humidity, salts/chemicals and other corrosive materials – all of which are present in some fashion at ground level. However, at 40,000’ elevation, or in space, the risks are more extreme. Failure is not an option here, and particularly not in “mission critical” projects or situations.

The extremes in temperature for example, can create situations where rapid condensation can form on critical components and induce electronic failure. The vacuum of space creates its own problems. If unprotected, any of a number of failures can occur – for a number of reasons. The smoke detectors in a jet cargo hold, navigation systems, cockpit instrumentation, and exterior and interior sensor mechanisms – all are at risk and can be protected from most risk factors.

Global Advanced Technologies has the widest array of coating solutions, from parylene to liquid conformal coatings and various specialty coatings. These can withstand moisture, protect against fuels, solvents and caustic chemicals, particularly suitable against UV exposure, sub-zero temperatures or the vacuum of space.

Our coatings selection for these environments:

  • Unequaled corrosion resistance
  • Superior moisture barrier
  • Lowest gas permeability
  • Strongest barrier to chemicals, acids, solvents, fuel
  • Low outgassing
  • Superior dielectric properties, electrical insulation
  • Protection at sub0-zero temperatures (as low as -60° C)

Global Advanced is ready to serve and offers trial E-runs, using any one of our selections of barrier chemistries.