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GAT Equipment

Main Function

Parylene Coating Machine coats an ultra-thin transparent film on the coating substrates that are placed in a vacuum chamber. The deposition process is carried out under vacuum conditions and at room temperature.

Facility Requirements – Equipment

Power Supply:  208 /220/ 380 V , 3 phase

Ambient Temperature for Operating:15 – 40℃

Ambient Humidity for Operating: ≤80%RH

Exhaust: external exhaust for vacuum pump

Parylene Coating Machine   

GAT-v5 pic

Picture shown for reference only, actual configuration / layout may differ from the above picture.

Control System

PLC / PC Control , programmable recipes for different batch sizes, dimer type, and thickness requirement

Main body

2300 mm x1200mm x1500mm (excluding chiller)

Vaporization Chamber

Vaporization Temperature: Highest 180℃

Temperature Uniformity: ≤ ±2%

Constant temperature stability: ≤ ±1%

Pyrolysis Chamber

Pyrolysis temperature: 650-750℃

Constant temperature stability ≤ ±1%

Deposition Chamber

SUS 304 Deposition Chamber: 500mm x 750mm (ht)

Rotating Deposition Fixture 1 unit

Deposition chamber vacuum: ≤4.0*10² Torr Vacuum Time: ≤30min

Deposition rate (maximum value, in the normal vacuum state): Parylene C  ≥5μm/h;  Parylene N ≥0.8μm/h [Actual deposition conditions are determined by user and varies according to part loading in chamber]

Ambient Temperature for Deposition Chamber: 20±5

Cold Trap

Chiller Unit: < -85 Ultra-low temperature mechanical chiller

Power  1000W

Vacuum Pump

Model: TBD

Power 1.5KW

Performance Pumping Speed: >18L/S

Workbench Motor

Model YN90-90C

Power 90W

Performance Rotation Speed: 0- 5 r/min

Main Material of Construction

Vaporization Chamber, Pyrolysis Chamber, Deposit Chamber, High Temperature Quartz Tube, SUS and etc.