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We Provide Advanced Parylene Coating Solutions!


In the coating world, particularly where it involves parylene, it is fairly easy to assess the quality of the coatings, the depth and skill of the Process Engineering team, and their ability to consistently offer quality products and services at the most competitive rate.

Mission Statement

Global Advanced Technologies (GAT) is a solutions-based service provider – we are not limited to one or two materials, rather, we match the right chemistry to meet your exact requirements. In additional to the coating services, GAT has a seasoned R&D team that focuses on advanced materials and equipment development to offer technology roadmaps that will give our customers tailored solutions and competitive advantages.


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A strong technical foundation is one of Global Advanced Technologies (GAT’s) core assets. GAT staff / advisors have been in the materials and coatings industry for many years. Our expertise:

Our scientists have been instrumental in delivering several breakthroughs in the organic vapor deposited coatings, an industry that typically relies on decades-old technology and deposition equipment. Global Advanced Technologies is an R&D-driven company committed to developing or refining existing methodologies. We will continue to build upon our technology base and get involved in new R&D efforts in the near future. Ours is a well laid out roadmap that encompasses several aspects of conformal coating process including novel materials, deposition processes, equipment and platforms, and high throughput manufacturing.

Strong background

In addition to our technical capabilities, GAT team has a strong background in operations and high volume manufacturing. GAT follows the highest quality procedures and documentation requirements to be compliant with the common industry standards.

GAT, based in the Silicon Valley, has an extensive network of manufacturing partners in Asia. The advantage to our customers is enormous:

And, for our largest customers who cannot receive service anywhere outside their own manufacturing facility, we offer an ideal solution. We offer you coating equipment, platforms, support hardware, coating material, instruction/training, or even our own staff. You have more than one choice and always remain in control throughout.